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Egypt's Nazi Propagandist

Johann von Leers Nazi Underground Behind Arab Crisis

Johann von Leers is probably the most widely mentioned ex-Nazi that was known definitively to have continued a career in Egypt. The press had von Leers “masterminding Egypt’s anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli propaganda campaign” and head of a corps of over 200 ex-Nazis. Increasingly, he somehow became the “chief anti-Semitic mastermind” behind Egypt’s incitement of jihad against Israel and labeled the prime Nazi hatemonger amongst the Western press. He was helping direct the worldwide effort to spread anti-Jewish incitement and propaganda, and writing to neo-Nazi publications under various pseudonyms. In its worse incarnation, the secret Nazi Underground in actively working to revive Nazism in Europe and the Middle East to split the Western Alliance against Communism. Even German Interior Ministry Officials suggested he was a mastermind behind the “underground railway” escape apparatus that spirited former Nazis into Egypt.